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Project Planning and Development Training:

Nashville, Tennessee

October 31, 2017 - November 2, 2017

Project Planning and Development Training:
Holiday Inn Express Downtown Nashville

This training has been confirmed. Please click here for hotel information and logistics.

Staff from the Eastern Region Training and Technical Assistance Center are hosting a Project Planning and Development (PPD) training session in Nashville, Tennessee at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown Nashville.


In this 3-day training, participants will learn how to:

1.) Work with community and key partners to identify and document specific community problems that stand in the way of meeting community goals;

2.) Create a project work plan to address those problems and attain community goals;

3.) Develop measurable outcomes and impacts to the community; and

4.) Determine the level of resources and funding needed to implement the project.

Click here to download the training agenda.

Note: Independent grant writers must fax or email a signed letter from the Tribe or Native Organization they will be writing a grant for prior to the training in order to attend. Please fax the letter to (240) 780-3259 or email a scanned copy to

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