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2020 Social and Economic Development Strategies Funding Opportunity Announcement.  APPLICATIONS DUE JUNE 15, 2020.

2020 Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance – Esther Martinez Immersion Funding Opportunity Announcement.  APPLICATIONS DUE JUNE 1, 2020.

2020 Environmental Regulatory Enhancement Funding Opportunity Announcement.  APPLICATIONS DUE JUNE 1, 2020.

2020 Native American Language Preservation and Maintenance Funding Opportunity Announcement.  APPLICATIONS DUE JUNE 1, 2020.

Updated March 2020

ANA’s statement on human trafficking in Native communities, revised in January 2018.

Referenced in our “Addressing Human Trafficking in Native Communities” webinar, this is a collection of resources and strategies designed to assist youth in combating human trafficking.

Our “Addressing Human Trafficking in Native Communities” webinar presentation in printable format for note-taking and easy reference.

Everything you need to know about navigating as an Applicant.

Fill our this form and use it as a reference guide when registering with

Our “Are You Ready to Apply for Federal Funding” webinar presentation in printable format for note-taking and easy reference.

Referenced in our “Indigenous Evaluation” webinar, this is the 7th version of ANA’s monitoring and evaluation guidebooks. Note that this is a working document, with the final version due to be published to ANA’s website in the coming months.

Our “Indigenous Evaluation” webinar presentation in printable format for note taking and easy reference.

Our “Logic Models” webinar presentation in printable format for note-taking and easy reference.

  • Applicant General Overview

    Everything you need to know about navigating as an Applicant.

  • ANA’s Resource Library

    Find webinars and helpful information distributed by our counterparts in the Western, Alaska, and Pacific Regions.

  • 2012 ANA Congressional Report

    Applicants frequently request examples of funded projects. This report includes brief summaries of each ANA project funded in 2012, by state and grant type.

  • ANA Resource Directory

    Committed to fostering economic and social development, ANA provides a database of agencies, foundations that support projects in your community.

  • is your source to find and apply for federal grants. This website will allow you to search, apply and track your grants.

  • ACF’s How to Apply for a Grant

    ACF has a wide variety of programs, including ANA. This link has some helpful information on how to apply for one of them.

  • ANA Non Profit Tool Kit

    ANA’s guide for creating and managing a Non-Profit Organization.

The ANA Native Youth Initiative for Leadership, Empowerment, and Development (I-LEAD) was established in 2016 and has quickly become a popular special program area under which to apply. Designed to support and foster the potential of Native youth, the I-LEAD grant is being used by Native communities in exciting and unique ways. Join us as we spotlight a few of the current grantees who are putting the “I-LEAD” in “indigenous leadership” among their Native youth.

In celebration of National Nutrition Month, we highlight current Administration for Native Americans grantees who are not only nourishing their communities through food-focused projects, but sustaining them through economic development. Learn how food sovereignty and economic stability can go hand-in-hand and gather tips for improving the wellness and nutrition of your own community.

In honor of January being National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, staff from both the Administration for Children and Families Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) and the Administration for Native Americans (ANA) present information on the newly published Native Youth Toolkit on Human Trafficking, developed to raise awareness and prevent trafficking of native youth by providing education, resources, safety tips, and information on getting involved in their communities.

Use of the term “sustainability” is frequent these days giving it the feeling of a trending buzz word. As a result, the importance of its meaning can sometimes be lost, especially within the context of complex grant application requirements. In this webinar, we review the term “sustainability” and emphasize why the concept is not only important to the Administration for Native Americans, but also to your community projects. 

It is ANA application season! Join us to learn about the changes to the 2017 FOAs and two new application development tools. The ANA Application Toolkit provides tools for creating required sections of the application narrative and budget. Workspace provides a tool for assembling your application package collaboratively online within your organization with error checking during development. Get the up-to-date information about applying for ANA funding in 2017!

For many years, native language projects have been making strides in increasing the fluency of their students with the assistance of ANA funding. But how do we go about increasing language use within the entire community? In this webinar, we showcase Native Language projects that have been successful in affecting change in language awareness and use within their communities.

Obtaining a DUNS number and registering with AND are all required steps in the process of applying for federal funding. In this webinar, we break down what can seem a long and lengthy process into simple steps.

Evaluation is key to successful project management and is usually a requirement when seeking funding. In this webinar, we discuss how indigenous ways of knowing can be woven into your evaluation plan.

A logic model is a roadmap connecting the need for a project to its desired results. Join us as we go over the steps and the terminology used in creating logic models, and discover how they can be a valuable tool for your project planning.

ANA Director of the Division of Program Operations, Mia Strickland, discusses changes made to ANA’s standing FOAs in 2016 and introduces 2 new FOAs!

It is important to know when, how, and why to evaluate the progress of your project. Follow Teresa Peterson in her presentation of Dakota Wicohan Cultural Center’s self-designed evaluation process.

Language teachers are vital to the strength of language projects. Listen to language grantees from around the country give their best advice on teachers and their importance to the longevity of your project.

Grantees from two different language programs share what resources they use and strategies they follow to ensure the sustainability of their projects.

Data Dissemination Specialist Amadeo Shije returns with an in-depth tutorial on how to locate the data you need to support your grant proposal.

A new initiative proposed by the Administration for Native Americans, Sustainable Employment and Economic Development Strategies (SEEDS) help to create jobs and businesses for Native American tribes and organizations.

You’ve received an award, now what? Promptly holding project orientations for your staff is crucial to successful project implementation. Put your best foot forward using the strategies and techniques presented, here, by our Technical Assistance Specialist.

Take a look at how ANA SEDS funds are being used to support drug treatment centers in Native communities.

Providing current and accurate statistics is a major asset to your grant application. Check out our latest webinar and follow Data Dissemination Specialist, Amadeo Shije, on a tour of the U.S. Census Bureau’s website!

Confusion surrounds indirect cost rates: What exactly are they? How do you get one? And once you have one, how do you manage it? Find the answers to your rate-related questions, here.

Presenters from three different language programs based in urban centers across the nation share how they are maintaining the ties between natives living outside of their communities by encouraging native language learning.

Listen to two successful ANA grantees share how they are revitalizing their native languages in their communities.

The OWP and Budget components of your application are crucial for high scoring applications! This webinar will provide you with tools to show the strong relationship between the Objective Work Plan and Budget and assist you in developing a strong blueprint (OWP) for your project that is financially well thought out.

The goal of the webinar is to help ACF and ED grantees address some common challenges to implementing Native American Languages in Early Childhood Settings.

Successful OELA & ANA grantees will share stories about their efforts to train the next generation of Native American Language Teachers.

The third installment of ANA’s Implementation webinar series on Reporting.

This webinar discusses preliminary findings of the Urban Indian Center study.

Part 1 of ANA’s Sustainability Webinar Series.

“Why the Wise Man Built his Project on Solid Metrics” – This webinar will cover how to include Evaluation into your Project Design.

Overview on how to apply through

As Part 3 of ANA’s Application Development Webinar Series, the Project Application Integration Webinar will show you how to connect and align all the essential elements, producing seamless grant applications.Part 1 of ANA’s Sustainability Webinar Series.

This webinar is about building Sustainability into Project Designs. Learn how to transform your ANA project into an ongoing program.

This webinar will walk you through the steps necessary before you start writing your ANA application.

As Part 3 of ANA’s Application Development Webinar Series, the Project Application Integration Webinar will show you how to connect and align all the essential elements, producing seamless grant applications.Part 1 of ANA’s Sustainability Webinar Series.

1491s Indigenous Love Words Project

June 13, 2013

How do you say “I love you” in your native language? Those clever 1491s compiled this video.

Combining Documents into a Single PDF

May 15, 2013

Need assistance on combining your documents to comply with the new 2 File Upload Rule? This instructional video demonstrates how to convert and combine your documents into a single PDF file in

Oneida Language Puppet Show

April 02, 2013

Puppet show in Oneida language made possible by funding from an Administration for Native Americans Language Grant.

Native American Veterans: Storytelling for Healing

This DVD includes interviews with Native American veterans from World War II, Vietnam, the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom discussing issues they face today.

Native Language Preservation-A Reference Guide for Establishing Archives and Repositories

This Guide explains why language repositories are vital to long-term language preservation efforts. In addition, it offers practical advice on planning, maintenance and research tools.

The Tribal Enterprise Developer’s Guide

Produced for Enterprises developed byTribal Organizations

The Indian Business Owner’s Guides

Produced for the individual Native/Indigenous Business Entrepreneur

The Indian Social Entrepreneur’s Guides

Produced for Native Non-Profit Organizations

We have a selection of informational and instructional CDs and DVDs produced by ANA and available for you.

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