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Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance to Suit Your Needs

Electronic Technical Assistance (ETA) is available for:

  • •      Unsuccessful Applicants who want to improve their application for next submission
  • •      Planning & Project Development questions such as assistance formulating project ideas and planning
  • •      Pre-Application ETA, individualized assistance to prospective ANA applicants through phone, email and fax. (To be eligible, applicants must have completed 75% of the ANA application.)
  • •      Current Grantees requesting assistance with GrantSolutions, grant amendments, reporting, or project implementation.


For pre-application technical assistance,

  • •      information on which competition you are applying for,
  • •      a brief description of your project, and
  • •      your percentage of application completion.


If you have questions or would like to request technical assistance, please complete and submit the form below.


Grant writers or consultants seeking technical assistance must follow their request with an email from the tribe or tribal organization for whom they are working. The email should be from an authorized department head or administrator, be sent from a tribal or organizational email address,  and provide contact information for the grant writer or consultant.


Not sure? Call us at (888) 221-9686 and we’ll help.


Technical Assistance Request Form